Which file extensions will my logo be provided in?
We will provide you with 5 file extensions which will allow you unlimited possibilities for usage. They are EPS, PDF, JPEG, PSD, PNG. These extensions will allow you to edit your logo if needed in the future, place the logo over a specific color, use it dynamically on the web and enlarge it to extra large sizes.
Who owns my logo... What can I use it for?
You are the owner of your logo and may use it for whatever you can possibly dream of. It may be a smart idea to register it with a trademark organization for several reasons. We even provide you with a grayscale image of your logo because you will need it for the registration process if you choose to register it. My Logos 4 Less is not responsible for any issues concerning registration.
How will you deliver my logo to me?
Your logo will be delivered to you through email to the email address supplied by you. It will be delivered as a zip file with all of the 5 file extensions provided. If your computer cannot open zip files than please let us know and we will unzip them. You can download the free trial version of winzip from http://www.winzip.com
Are my files compatible on both Windows & Mac?
Absolutely - your logo files will function the exact same way on both Windows & Mac platforms.
Which design programs do you use?
We use Adobe Illustrator & / or Adobe Photoshop to design our logos. These programs are industry standard and provide the best means in creating logos in our opinion.
100% Money Back Guarantee?
Please click here to read why our guarantee is top of the line in the industry!
What is your turnaround time like?
You will receive 4 or more logo design options within 3 business days from the time you place your order. Once you receive those options we generally ask that you approve or give comments to us within 2 days of receiving the options. We will turn around the revisions (if any) within 48 hours. Once you have approved the design your files are delivered within 24 hours of your approval time. Click here to view our design process in detail.
What is a logo revision exactly?
A logo revision is quite simple to explain. When you receive your 4 logo design concepts, if you feel that you’d like to change a font or color or add a detail to enhance the design, this is considered a logo revision. You can make these minor changes provided that it is at the same time.
What a logo revision is not - is a complete redo of logo designs from scratch. We ask you to be as detailed as possible with our questionnaire to avoid a circumstance like this. We are confident that if you provide the correct amount of detailed information than we should never experience a case in which you are unsatisfied with all of your logo designs options. If you are confused about this process please feel free to have a live chat session with us!
What do our customers think about us?
We are extremely proud to admit that our customer think VERY highly of our company, staff and quality of the work we produce! You may click here to view some of the reviews written by our satisfied customers.
Any other questions or concerns?
If you have any other concerns please send us an email, phone call or chat with us instantly for a quick response. Our #1 goal is to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability! We’re looking forward to working for you!
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